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Travel plans are most of the times done on the immediate basis. In the matter of minutes you realize you have an urgent meeting with a client in some other part of the country, you cannot spend time in booking tickets and that too when the availability of tickets is doubtful. Apart from this, when you are planning to travel during vacation time, then booking of hotels for stay is really difficult and can have an adverse impact on your work. Now with this service, all you have to do is just make a note of what documents you need to make this meeting sure of a success.

Our Virtual Travel Remote Assistant can perform the following activities for your help:

→    Booking of train/flight/cruise tickets - any state, city or country
→    Arranging of Cab when you have reached your destination - For saving your time and avoidable efforts
→    Planning and arranging the budget involved in travelling -keeping your comfort in consideration
→    Cancellation and Rescheduling of flights - In case you have change in meeting plans
→    Reservations at lodge/hotels - prior reservations so that you just have to check- in
→    Booking of service apartments
→    Planning, Scheduling and Preparing the meetings at the suitable place, freeing you from the worry of deciding the place of meeting, with every         facility for your client.
→    Intimating periodically with travel reminders - Multiple meetings? Just in case, you forget about any important task during your visit, this may help         you.
→    Planning holidays- You need time for yourself and for your family, so completing all your tasks at hand is important.

All these activities will be performed from the remote location and will incur very less cost, so that you don’t need any full-time employee for planning your official trips. Those who manage small businesses, non-profit organizations, large/medium enterprises, or those who are entrepreneurs, can take the benefits of this service. You can hire us to provide you the Travel Planning Services as it will reduce the cost to a significant level, as we will book the tickets in advance with all the arrangements at the place of stay, there is a provision of necessary and continuous help during your entire travel and you can also get the adjustable travel and accommodation alternatives according to your choices and needs. In case there are any changes in the plans of your meetings, or you need to organize any more meetings, all you have to do is inform us and we through our virtual assistant will take care of all necessary actions.

Our pricing model allows you to keep your costs in control.

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