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OutBound Calling

We at bronzeagle deliver the wide range of outbound calling services to assist you in connecting with your customers. The professionals at outbound call centre possess the high-level, domain expertise and agents with years of experience in outbound sales, so that you rest assured of services with desired quality. The calls will greatly increase the sales of the company, unknown markets will be tested, follow-up of mails, developing good relationships with customers, and in the overall making your business a complete success. Expand your business by taking our following outsourcing services:

→    Lead Generation
→    Tele-Surveys
→    Appointment setting
→    B2C and B2B Customer Acquisition
→    Direct sales
→    Information gathering
→    Customer Loyalty Programs
→    Follow-up on Sales lead
→    Follow-ups of Service Satisfaction
→    Welcome Call
→    Developing and managing the database
→    Verification of Sales
→    Existing Clients/Warm Calling/Referrals
→    Campaigns of Cold Calling
→    Direct Mail Follow-up
→    Promotion of services and products
→    Survey and research of market
→    E-mail Follow Up
→    Mortgage Lead Generation
→    Market Intelligence
→    Debt Collection
→    Product Promotion

Appointment setting is a burdensome task when you have loads of other activities to carry out in a business. Carrying out these small activities can actually compromise the quality of your work. Bronzeagle is efficient in dealing with not only business customers but also with your consumers.Our team has expertise in understanding the trends and scenarios in the market, call centre industry, and the various practices that are associated with it. In appointment setting service, an imperative approach is to consult with the users and customers about what they desire rather than forcing them to purchase something which they do not require. In addition to this, by assigning the few quality appointments and leads we can benefit the customers and not causing any hassle due to the countless in number but lacking in quality. Generating leads are beneficial when they deliver profitable results. Of course, any business would want their customers to manage the long term relationships with them rather than obtaining short term services. For this, understanding what they need and fulfilling them to their expectations is important and should not be neglected. If you take the services of Bronzeagle, you will get access to the most quality leads, resulting in the increase in your organization’s productivity. How do we generate leads? Firstly, we customize the database to insert the requirements of our customers, informing about the customer prospects, making scripts that includes all the key points, questioning the prospects of customers, obtaining feedback from the customers and utilizing the data in order to increase the sales of the company.

Our pricing model allows you to keep your costs in control.

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