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Entering the data is a tiresome and extremely time consuming task. Data entry includes converting data from one format to another format, dealing with forms containing very important information and data, data entry from one data source to another, all this demands a lot of time. All of this can be assigned to an assistant who can take care of all this. This virtual assistant will perform all your tasks that would rather be performed by the assistant employed full-time. This will result in saving the operational expenditures, efficient and effective management of the resources and time, and accomplish the balance between life and work.

Now the question is “Why do you need to analyse data?” Well, there is not one, but a few reasons behind the necessity of analysing data. These are as follows:

The amount of data available in the company is overwhelming: Yes! With everyday advancements made in the storage technology, the cloud storage has made the data even more bulky thereby making it a cumbersome task for data analytics tools and databases to completely extract the accurate and precise information which is required by the companies. Fetching only what is relevant to the company and is useful, calls for the data analytics services and professionals to carry out this task.

Traditional Tools used are not that capable: The tools, i.e. Big Data Analytics tools are gaining popularity and the reason is that the traditional tools used for this purpose are not sufficient to process and handle the oceans of data available today.

Increased Online Interactions: Interactions that are done online involve the combination of both the data and noise, which needs to be decoded.

For carrying out Analytics of Data, you need Expertise: The nature of the data is such that it requires full-time experts to extract that piece of information that proves to be a turning stage of your business.

Why should you choose us? Simple, because we have a few tools that will surely change your mind in the selection of experts for data analytics:

→    Channel experts
→    Paradigm shifts and pattern finders
→    Linking Execution loops and data delivery
→    Latest Analytics tools are used

Specific Analysis of Data for Industries: This consists of :

→    Telecom: Analysis of Customer affinity, customer segmentation, customer retentions and churns, valuable information for efficient and  effective          strategies
→    Finance and Banking: Analysis of Prediction and Trend, Delinquency, Customer segmentation, Information for customer engagement and         retention programs, Detection of fraud at the level of application, valuable information for efficient and effective strategies
→    Insurance: CRM analysis, Subrogation Analysis, Cycle time analysis, Suspicious claims detection, and severity of claims
→    Retail: Buyer trends, Brand value, Promotional effectiveness, Analysis of stock movement, Analysis of Customer lifetime value potential

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