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Calender Management

We assist you in managing your time in the best possible way, with no loss of even a second and managing your time will never be this easy. This is beneficial in many ways, such as:

→    You don’t have to hire a full-time employee just for managing your time
→    All your appointments and schedules will be set as per your need and choice
→    All the tasks related to this will be done on the remote location and hence no resources of the company will be employed
→    You can plan all your schedules and meetings in advance
→    Growing your business has never been so easy

How we manage your time:

Plan appointments and meetings with important clients

Confirmation of meeting through Email - This will help you in keeping the track of where and what all the meetings are about

Setting up automated reminders of Emails - Till the time meeting is over you will receive reminders of meetings to help you get through your visit easily and without any inconvenience

Plan imperative meetings with potential customers - Planning the time and duration of meetings, with important points to discuss with customers and reaching to a beneficial conclusion

Planning and organizing meetings with stakeholder - Planning the time and duration of meetings, with important points to discuss with stakeholders and reaching to a beneficial conclusion

Schedule luncheon meetings with clients from abroad - deciding the luncheon in a hotel, restaurant or any specific place and making necessary arrangements for a successful event

Scheduling the trips out-of-town in order to meet with potential buyers - In case you desire to meet your company’s potential buyers out-of-town and making all arrangements like booking tickets, hotel reservations and booking the meeting place is all we do for you.

Planning for participation in conferences related to business - All you have to do is focus on the key points of the conference and how can you gain benefits from it

Obviously you will not hire a person to just perform this job for you, when you can get someone from remote location performing all these small yet imperative activities, as it requires resources and a full-time pay. So getting a virtual assistant is more beneficial and time-saving.

Our pricing model allows you to keep your costs in control.

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