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Security and Data Privacy

Bronzeagle is the safest place where you can have your data safety and privacy, Our server have totally secured monitoring systems authority KPO Specialists to achieve a high level of security for secure financial services outsourcing to India. We provide you with 24x7 monitoring service of our server and keeps updating the security server so as to have a safe guard against unapproved access to our network systems. Our central control have restricted access to the unauthorised people.

Our KPO Specialists password protected log in’s, restrict the access to the listed users. User passwords are consistently encrypted in the SQL database and a log is maintained of all users who access the system. Our Bronzeagle expert team don’t take any chance with the security system and they are really serious about the safety and security of data as well as have the ultimate privacy policy of data. The Security procedure used by our company is the same encryption technology which is used by banks for securing online banking transactions. All these things make your financial transaction safe and private, and keeps you tension free from the data safety reasons, which give our clients a big relief. We have variety of different software’s that keeps you data safe from being hacked. Our safety and privacy team look after our clients each and every data with care and ensures that no misuse or else misleads happens in the activity. Bronzeagle keeps your data under the safest circumstances and look after the privacy of the data and the data content so that no leaking of message passes from anywhere.

Confidentiality agreements:

All the employees’ of Bronzeagle are to sign privacy/confidentiality agreements. Each employee is bound by the agreement and not permissible to share information of activities with anybody nor are they allowed to share the information with the co personnel unless there is a question related to the preparation of the engagement. Preparers and reviewers are allowed to share information only by concluding their direct supervisors.

Protected service center:

We have a protected service centers where our KPO specialists use security policies to ensure secure financial services outsourcing. The entry to the service center are restricted, an authorized person only have access for entry and exit. A security guard is always available there at the entrance. The returns and other works are being done digitally as the paper work is being avoided for the security and long-lasting of data.

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