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Bronzeagle deals with the best financial research services in the market. We are specialized in the financial researches with our professional team. We believe growth happens at the intersection of intelligence and action. But for decision-makers, access to actionable intelligence is always a challenge. And that's where CRISIL GR&A's Corporate Financial research Services comes in, helping clients transform their strategy, sales & marketing, finance, and procurement functions.

Overview :
Several small-scale companies in the countries like Australia, UK, USA file SEC filings with the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) regularly. There are financial analysis firms that extract financial data from EDGAR (Electronic Data-Gathering, Analysis and Retrieval system) and provide analysis reports to small companies for a fee.

Company :

A company, which is a service provider to the various well-known companies.

Customer’s challenges :
→    The company had huge volumes of data and records that had to be processed on a regular basis
→    Back office services providing
→    Extraction of data from EDGAR
→    Checking and verifying financial statements
→    Conducting ratio analysis for 28 ratios across 5 categories
→    Conducting trend analysis for a range of 3 to 5 years
→    Developed comparative reports based on industry analysis
→    Conducting bankruptcy analysis (Altman-Z score)
→    Created standardized reports for the business

Benefits of customer businesses
→    Manpower costs and other related costs were cut down to a great extent
→    The turnaround time (TAT) improved considerably

Our pricing model allows you to keep your costs in control.

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Studies to find out how we helped our clients with our quality services.

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