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Financial Back Office Support Services

Bronzeagle has emerged with the best financial back office support system in India as well as to the countries like Australia, UK and USA. As some of our clients are reportedly happy with the overall service of Bronzeagle. As some of the Services we provided for the clients are Financial research and Analysis.

Customer : A prominent publisher of financial data.

Challenges : Find a partner or Organization would supply meaty outsourcing chance to supply monetary analysis services as well as primary and secondary analysis, whereas specializing in quality and accuracy of the reports scale back price of production/operation and TAT, thereby increasing overall gain.

Solutions :
→    Full suite of financial research services with a dedicated team of analysts having 4+ years of experience in financial research
→    Accurate and quality analysis reports exploitation data sourced from free and paid databases like Hoovers, LexisNexis, Factiva etc.,        company reports, blogs etc.

Benefits :
→    Standardization of the process, maintainable methodology to ensure long-term relationship
→    Substantial reduction in TAT and cost of production
→    Cost arbitrage over a period of time.
→    Above all this we worked for financial research firm, where are able to provide the Reduced Turnaround Time.
→    Followed universal Standard tags/format, allowing easy integration into the existing Library Management System
→    Clean, unique and precise local database
→    Enabled fast and precise retrieval of information

Some examples of the business results delivered by Bronzeagle at world-wide guarantors include the following:

Business Transformation.
→   We implemented a Pega solution to enable a single claims process reducing costs, driving consistency globally and exceeding customer       service requirements for a top 50 American multinational insurance company.
→   We helped with a personal lines policy administration transformation for a large US auto insurer enabling it to respond effectively to       competition in new channels.
→   We enabled a different-country, multi-currency claims system to handle all the lines of business for the Scandinavian operations of a       P&C insurer.

Bronzeagle’s full service model for a UK life & protection organization enabled process optimization, application consolidation and product rationalization resulting in a great reduction of cost.

Customer Experience
Using Bronzeagle Integrated Digital Experience solution, we helped a Fortune many financial and insurance services provider in the US transform to a true digital enterprise through various phases, enabling improved consumer acquisition and relationship. This engagement also helped the company achieve the following:

→    To move from product-to consumer centric personalized offerings with the consolidation of four product-focused websites to one        customer portal
→    Provide consistent and coherent customer experience across multiple channels
→    Offer best-in-class flexibility services to bring coherence between marketing and sales & services
→    We helped a US insurance and financial services company acquire and service its financial products through any access point, via a        simple, seamless and integrated platform.

Our pricing model allows you to keep your costs in control.

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