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Bronzeagle has a huge improvement in the account receivable services from past few years. Account Receivables management is at the core of the sales, cash flow, and revenue realization value chain. Bronzeagle’s collection/ recovery services are a unique merger of customer retaining and regulatory compliant cash flow programs across the receivable collection life-cycle. With our accounts receivable management (AMR) solution, enterprises can improve collection rates to boost cash flow and free up working capital, which in turn will improve overall productivity and service.

Company background :
It is a group of physiologist from the Danish physiology clinic specialized in physiology and neurology as well. With around 8-10 professionals and are specialized in their particular field they are dealing with the account receivable problems at that stage they contacted the Bronzeagle Services.

Key challenges for us :
→    Collecting and counseling of the data and records.
→    Centralized collection of the specific data and the records.
→    Meager or no follow-up on claims.
→    No analysis/ follow-up for denied claims.
→    Claims not paid properly due to missing invoice of external devices.
→    Unattended ECS rejections

Enrollment issues that we used for the work performance.
→    No analysis/ follow-up for underpayments.
→    To resolve their problems, we use the following techniques
→    Email Invoices
→    Shorten Payment Terms
→    Have EFT and Other Payment Options
→    Establish Credit Policies
→    Review Accounts Receivables Regularly
→    Maintain a Collections Record
→    Daily monitoring of ECS.

Benefits of our clients
→    Increased cash inflow
→    Cleaned up patient and insurance database leading to transmission of clean claims
→    Percentage of claims being received by the payers increased.
→    Subscription to online payer services resulted in timely verification of patient demographics, submission of claims to payers and       statements to patients.
→    Analysis of denials resulted in fixing key billing issues.
→    Client was able to allocate their staff to new business and functions.

Our pricing model allows you to keep your costs in control.

Case Studies     

Studies to find out how we helped our clients with our quality services.

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