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The Challenge

The hondower & hose; Hose could be a leading distributor of hydraulic hoses, fittings, assemblies, carpet bending and fabrication. Every week, the AP team receives varied provider invoices that require to be processed quickly and with efficiency. The hondower &hose; Hose required to fill the gap between EDI process and receiving fax and email documents that needed human intervention.

The answer

Bronzeagle was the perfect answer as a result of it captures crucial point information from pc generated invoices and orders then mechanically processes them in their existing ERP system. Royal carpet & furniture; Hose was excited to reduce the burden of manual information entry for each their AP and CSR groups.

What they are saying

“We were very excited concerning the power to prevent looking forward to individuals to physically handle work that successively would facilitate India. method orders and invoices quicker – and with larger accuracy of data. Because of Bronzeagle’s ability to attenuate the quantity of tedious, repetitive tasks, we’ve created house to seek out new ways that to feature price to our business, thus it’s a giant finish.”

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