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Data entry at Bronzeagle provides you with the best possible accuracy and with the best quality of work other than the any other outsourcing company. The data entry pocess plays a vital role in the organization. We provide you with the accurate, clear, concise and complete data. Our experience team is best capable of giving the best quality work to the client’s. Bronzeagle is India’s best data entry service provider and is also globally demanded and trusted.

In the work of data entry our experts use some of the techniques ad technology. Our data entry operators use advanced data entry tools such as ICR/ OCR, rapid scanners and high-end infrastructure to meet overall accuracy levels of over a high percentage. We continually upgrade to the latest data entry technologies to increase our speed and level of efficiency. Moreover, we meticulously follow quality Reassurance processes to ensure that the completed data adheres to international quality standards. We accept scanned, soft or hard copy documents in formats such as PDF, Excel, XML, Word docs or online source files. We have a continuous working environment either online or offline. We are very flexible and offer our customers several file transfer options. You can send your documents via email, fax, mail, DVDs or by courier. You could also choose to upload your files to our secure FTP server, or let us remotely access your data through a secure VPN or a web application.

The time of the work is important to us but as well as we look after the security and privacy of the data too. We have a sophisticated way of doing the data entry. Your project has been assign to our knowledgeable and skilled project managers, then the work is being divided between the employees and then it is being considered that work is to be done on time without any setback. The data pocess helps in expertising the work flow and it boosts the performance of the work.

Our team lessen your data entry burden from you so that you can concentrate on other works also, When the organization starts growing at high level then the data of the organization also increases enormously, it become a concern point for the clients but we make sure that these work are to be completed on time.

All the data entry services are being provided with the wide range of variety on the best turnaround time, and in a most affordable price and we also keep your data safe and private.

Our pricing model allows you to keep your costs in control.

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