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Data when in the unstructured and unorganized form can prove to be a concern for the organization. But on the other hand, if you keep the data organized, digitized, presented and structured, then it will help you in effective and efficient decision making. At Bronzeagle, we have drawn our data conversion services in such a way that we assist you in the improvement of accessibility and usability of the information and the data. If you choose Bronzeagle, you can easily get to maintain , store, convert and utilize your data.

Data Conversion includes:

→    Organize and aggregate the data
→    Digitizing documents and data
→    Prevention of loss of data and storing the data in most usable and needed format
→    Eliminating the data which are unnecessary
→    Employing the benefits of reverse engineered data
→    Accessing the data easily and comprehending the necessary information
→    Enhancing the data re-usability
→    Utilizing the data for business intelligence and research purposes

Data conversion services are:

→    Document and file digitizing services
→    Document and file conversion into PDF format
→    Document and file conversion into XML format
→    Books conversion services - XML, HTML, XHTML, MS Word formats and searchable pdf, Word RTF files
→    Document and file conversion into HTML format
→    Document conversion services
→    Electronic Document Management (EDM)
→    Data conversion services
→    File format conversion services
→    MS Word formatting services

We also provide services such as,

→    Converting Interleaf, Quark, Pagemaker and Framemaker documents into SGML, XML, OeB and HTML documents
→    Conversion CD, DVD and FTP media format
→    Harmonization of data
→    Vectorization of data
→    Microfiche conversion services
→    Conversion of image format

To help you know what would be the result of the conversion, we do a sample conversion to let you better understand about the results.

1.    The conversion process will be free of errors and there will no risks of any kind of data loss
2.    Professionals with expertise in data entry will make the conversion process on your data
3.    The services can be customized to fulfil your requirement
4.    Reliable, accurate, readable, understandable and fast results
5.    State-of-the-art data conversion systems
6.    Services are cost-effective and they guarantee operating cost savings of up to 60%

Our pricing model allows you to keep your costs in control.

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