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Bronzeagle provides you with the greatest compititive price in the market, and gives you the better service compared to any other competitive firm. We manage customized pricing by keeping our clients' desires and expectations in mind. We assure that our prices are always affordable, and our pricing list are comprehensive. Our Data Entry pricing structure is designed based on the following factors:

→    Agreement of the contract.
→    Skill requirements of our data entry experts.
→    Capacity and weekend support.
→    Efficiency required for completion.
→    Support and technology deployment required.
→    Difficulty of the project.

The Data entry provided by us to the clients are done at the best possible time in the best possible price. We provide you with the qualified data assistant, data entry expert or data analyst and various other activities. We assure you with the quality of work. We also provide you the different pricing system such as on hourly basis, FTE rates, rates selection parameters, pricing disclaimer and on the basis of word limits.

The data entry system we provide you at a perfect time, our pricing structure is being design by our experts. The customised pricing we provide is acceptable internationally, we at Bronzeagle also provides you with various different services and variety of data entry services. Such as data mining, catalogue management, data processing, and ePub services etc. 

Our data entry services are professionally rendered with a minimum of concern, and add value to your business proposition by being highly cost-effective and protected. All the work we deliver you are accurate and current. With a peerless experience in providing highly efficient and affordable data entry services to a variety of industry and the business firms, we can ensure accurate results and fast turnaround times for all your business requirements. 

Join us now to receive an obligation-free price quote and discuss how we can help your business grow. We can provide you all kind of data entry services and the related services to our clients at the best reasonable price. When it comes to the pricing structure Bronzeagle offers you with best customised price at all terms, we are well-versed and capable of doing the work as per the clients need and budget.

Our pricing model allows you to keep your costs in control.

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