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With the recent downswing within the economy several on-line retailers became additional responsive to managing their bottom line and are yearning for ways in which would facilitate them in cutting prices while not compromising on the aesthetics of their stores. the foremost convenient resolution for on-line businesses are to source their Ecommerce information Entry or on-line Product Catalogue information Entry Store Maintenance to a reliable third party suppliers from India that might maintain on-line stores at prices that might not break the bank whereas maintain the standard of the content, accuracy of the information and regular change of on-line ecommerce stores. We have helped over a hundred ecommerce stores over the years. We provide versatile engagement and valuation models that might match the client's necessities and budgets. We have a tendency to focus on the capturing, conversion and process of knowledge from numerous input sources, like fax, Web forms, e-mails, scanned pictures and hardcopy documents. we have a tendency to use a key- from-image method, still as numerous recognition technologies, like Optical Character Recognition (OCR), Mark Sense (e.g. check boxes), and Barcode Recognition.

Our information Entry and processing services square measure valid for all types of matter information capturing which incorporates the following:

→    Data entry from books or image files in any format
→    Catalogue information entry, or information entry for on-line stores
→    OCR / information capture / information assortment mistreatment any machine-controlled method
→    Data entry for list
→    Data from telephone book and phone book
→    Business Card information Entry into any Format
→    Business dealings information entry like sales / purchase / payroll
→    Online completion of surveys, survey questionnaires and responses of shoppers

Our pricing model allows you to keep your costs in control.

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