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Real estate dealers or the property owners have a lot to deal with stuff for the maintenance of property and the management of tenants. This lot of stuff could be:

→    Rental advertisements on Craigslist, newspapers, etc.
→    Post lease on Craigslist, newspapers, etc.
→    Receiving the emails and calls of the tenants associating with the general maintenance
→    Taking care of all the legal issues, payment reminders, etc.
→    Providing the chat support of high quality for property supervisors
→    Drafting of process payrolls, rental agreements, and performing other accounting tasks associated with property management.

Bronzeagle can be one and only point of contact for meeting all your property related tasks, which are performed in no time.

We provide the following below services:

1.     List advertisements related to property in websites and newspapers
2.     Management of commercial and residential properties, Studios, etcetera
3.     Liaising with tenants, prospective buyers, and property owners
4.     Management of tenant and potential buyer’s background verification, whenever necessary
5.     Giving solutions to complaints of tenants and query resolving through emails, chat support and even the calls
6.     Dealing with maintenance inspections and arranging a time to time maintenance with vendors
7.     For maintenance work, source and appoint the vendors
8.     Whenever necessary, conducting the periodic home inspections
9.     Expert supervising of repairing in practical with periodic reports
10.    Management of processes that are legal and issues related to documentation for both vendors and tenants
11.    Rent collection
12.    Accounting - verifying, reconciling, and processing the payroll of employees
13.    Guaranteeing the satisfaction of vendors, tenants and owners with targeted SLAs

       Why us?

→    Multiple rental units or multiple properties that need periodic supervision and their maintenance
→    Satisfaction of tenants is most important and most desired
→    Optimal use of resources and space needed for the property
→    Maintaining relations and liaising with skilled and expert suppliers is crucial to the property upkeep
→    All necessary requests and even those requests that are not necessary, of your tenants are professionally handled and that too with        utmost care
→    The stress of hands-on management goes out of control
→    Maintaining the healthy atmosphere within the premises of your property

       What do we have for you?

→    We have experience
→    We have expertise
→    The team has very talented and promising English speaking staff
→    You will be able to avoid the labour costs, higher costs, overheads ensuring that you save what is not utilized

Our pricing model allows you to keep your costs in control.

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