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Data Entry

Following are the data entry services offered by us:

 1. Online/Offline Data Entry
 2. Image Data Entry
 3. Directory Services
 4. Document Data Entry
 5. Book Data Entry
 6. Data Extraction
 7. Data Capture
 8. Copy Paste
 9. Management of Documents
10. Database creation and management
11. Catalogue Data Entry
12. Offshore Data Entry
13. Data Enrichment
14. Survey Data Entry
15. Invoice Data Entry
16. Reports of Company
17. Questionnaires
18. Product Registration
19. Database Data Entry
20. Database migration Data Entry
21. Restaurant menu data
22. Product Registration
23. Insurance Claims
24. Enrolment Forms
25. Numeric and Text data
26. Yellow pages Data Entry
27. Data Entry of legal documents
28. Handwritten/Printed document data entry
29. Data Entry from Mysql Database
30. Data Entry of Telephone Directories
31. Data Entry of Web Sites
32. Encyclopedias, manuals and dictionaries
33. Mailing lists Data Entry

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