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Strategic Planning

Planning of anything requires strategy. Any company, big or small, is based on the status and position it holds in terms of its finances. Strategic planning involves the following:

Corporate Planning and Structure demands years of experience and skills to strategize the necessary and imperative Corporate Structure.This strategizing is done by keeping few important aspects in mind. These aspects are :
→    Capitalization
→    Funding
→    Compliances
→    Controls & Processes
→    Finance & Accounting
→    International Operations

Business Plan Assistance as the business will prosper only on the basis of a very strong and promising business plan. Setting a good business plan is indeed imperative for setting up targets and budgets for entire team, planning the requirement of resources, defining the objectives of business and strategies for achieving them, raising of funds, keeping the track of performance, and exercising of planning and reviews for strategizing the corrective actions.Your business plan is your compass. It will help you map out a new course, and navigate through unchartered territory. That will guide you towards your dream come true moments. However, we at Bronzeagle help you and guide you in the direction which seems best and easily approachable to your business standing and goals.
There are few factors responsible for developing a good business plan:
→    Company Overview
→    Executive Summary
→    Market Analysis and Plan
→    Products and Services Offering
→    Management Team
→    Financial Overview
→    Current offering and Proceeds Use, in case of undertaking any fund raise
→    Particular milestones and targets

Forecasting and Sensitive Analysis involves the complete preparation of the financial forecasts, analysing ratios for the assistance of setting future goals and preparation of sensitivity scenarios for business to prosper. This forecasts will help you in making up your mind for future eventualities. This Analysis is initiated with a brainstorming session involving the senior management team of the company. In order to evaluate the funding requirements of the company, a Sensitivity Analysis is undertaken. This in turn assists in the forecasting the cashflow and in the agreement on Collection and Payables Policy. The final forecast model will be the sole basis for building the budget tracking dashboard.

Capitalization and Fund raising will provide assistance in knowing the right amount of debt. In addition, it will let you know the business equity for the maintenance of minimum equity dilution, while providing capital for growth for effective improvement of valuation gains. This is important for a company to plan the when, how, from whom and how much of strategy related to fund- raising very well.

Budgeting and forecasting is vital to the success of any investor’s confidence. In this way you can manage the schematic utilization of resources and lay the performance standards for the management team.

International Structuring for an reasonable, effective and well-organized holding structure. What do you need to to evaluate the International Holding Structure:
→    Manpower cost
→    Investor perception
→    Accounts Reporting
→    Local Business Protection Regulations
→    Local Tax structure
→    Benefits of Double Taxation Avoidance Treaty
→    Eventual fund raising for long term
→    Special Benefits from Local Government
→    Compliance requirement
→    Local Funding Opportunity

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