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A full time CFO are the persons who stay within your office and are only applicable to do the work of a particular company and are based on a particular salary.

As the business idea is preserved and the company starts rising, entrepreneurs definitely require financial and accounting services that are either established in-house or outsourced. These functions in the growing company are sometimes paid very little attention and are treated as a “bookkeeping” necessity. As the company grows, the operations portion such as billing, collections, payables, payroll, etc. of the accounting function becomes more distinct and organised.

The full time CFO leads to be more effective and efficient as compared to the part time CFO’s. As there are several part time CFO also available in the market but they would not give you any of the work free of cost a single advice of their may cost you money, but when it comes to the full time CFOs you can take as much advice as much you can. Usually the part time CFOs work from home and give little on site visit but the Full time CFO gives you the regular attendance in the office so that you can communicate your quires whenever you want to.

You can get regular updates of your financial and accounting work with you existing CFO but in the case of the part time CFO you cannot have a regular updates.

The full time CFO provides you with the extra services that no other part time CFO can give you, the time consumption of a full time CFO maintains at being in the office is an advantage for them. The full time CFO is responsible for overseeing a company’s financial activities and operations as it is their prime duty. The CFO you appoint for your company basically work for you.

The trust you can have on your full time CFO would not be gained by your part time CFO, and also the safety and privacy your own CFO can give no other part time CFO can give you.

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