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In any large organization, challenges that involves execution of various assignments like carrying out projects with great leadership skills is sometimes faced. Bronzeagle, therefore helps you get through easily in those potentially problematic areas, making you capable enough to deal with other matters that are far more complex and time- demanding. In Financial Analytics, we deal with thorough financial reviews, preparing and providing the detailed and accurate analytical data, and financial report design. This performance analysis is done by employing the trends, ratios, comparisons, industry compare, detailed financial scrutiny, sensitivity etcetera. We also offer our services for detailed and specific analytical data to help you prepare for Investor and BOD Meetings, faster and efficient decision making ability, enhanced levels of services, improvisation and better quality, reduction of costs, managing knowledge, and better financial reports.

We have the finest and experienced professionals to carry out the tasks of Financial analytics which includes:
→    Analysing quarterly, monthly and yearly financial statement reports
→    Thorough research on Portfolio Structures
→    Financial statements of corporate
→    Analysing and researching of finance
→    Offering documents and analysing prospectuses
→    Industry and Ad-hoc reports
→    Preparing and maintaining libraries and databases
→    Break-even analysis, financial ratio analysis, IRR and NPV analysis
→    Presenting EHS compliance and Financial results to Audit committee and Board of directors

As you know the General Ledger is the lifeline of the accounting system of any organization and consists of the transaction related to accounting, from subledgers and even modules like accounts receivable, accounts payable, fixed assets, cash management, projects, and purchasing. This service also contains the analysis of the present and past performance associated with finance, by making the comparison between metrics and financial ratios, that leave an impact on liquidity, profitability and leverage. For analyses, key aspect like financial ratio is taken into account. In this you analyse performance of the company and utilising its resources. It also involves the automation of ratio calculation and enabling the analysis of ratios and trending across different time periods, such as yearly, quarterly and monthly. This financial ratio includes Asset Ratio, Liquidity Ratio, debt Ratio, profitability Ratio, Key Operating Ratio, Market Ratio, Key Operating Ratio Trend. And then you have the Analysis of Fixed Assets, involving analysis with respect to performance, efficiency, profitability and productivity. It is important to understand the closing asset balance, having the basis of asset additions, opening balance, retirements, transferring of fixed assets such as buildings, lands, tools and plants, equipments and machinery, vehicles, furnitures and electronic installations. Other important point of consideration is cash management, which involves the optimization of cash balance, cash inflows, and cash outflows. In order to deploy the funds that are unused which are obtained after addressing the working capital requirements of the organization.

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