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Our company deals you with the minimum cost of work performance, as in today’s market scenario every business needs to reduce the expense and can get more facility or return, now this is possible with the Bronzeagle solutions.

Here we provide you with the best quality of CFO outsourcing at an affordable price. Our pricing system keeps our clients happy and make us one step ahead from our competitors. We fully use the optimum resources at a right way that leads us to minimising the manpower which somehow lower our cost. We have a customised pricing strategy of our company which is being managed by our research team and CFO’s. We don’t tend to charge extra or do over charging to our clients rather we look after the pricing procedure as how much more can we give at a reasonable price. We work according to the affordable requirement of our patrons. Some company don’t have a capacity to hire a chief financial officer so they can joint with Bronzeagle, who gives you best CFO services in an inexpensive cost. We value your money and provide you service that are worth to your money. The ROI of our company is much better than the other competitive companies, our pricing structure is enormously upfront and has been developed keeping the financial requirements of our clients in mind. Our pricing varies according to your project measure, the number of resources necessitated to work on your project, and the skill requirements of our CFO experts.

Under certain conditions, you might have a demanding requirement for skilled analysts who could work on your project permanently. Our FTE rates are extremely competitive in the whole market. We ensure you the finest outsourcing services for our Clint’s with keeping in mind the quality of work and also the pricing of the work. As there are some points that need to be considered before pricing on which the pricing structure is being made that are:-

→    The terms of the contract.
→    Difficulty of the services that is to be done.
→    Efficiency needed by the patrons.
→    The capability needed for the job.
→    Expertise requirement of the CFO experts.

For the best pricing system and to value your money and getting work worth your money. We design a well customised pricing for our valued clients.

Our pricing model allows you to keep your costs in control.

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