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Cashflow and Cash Management

Cashflow Management is vital for every business, as cash is the only force that will drive your business forward on the path of growth. It involves a strong and well-made forecasting of Cashflow and managing it in order to have a constant and smooth business affairs. We will offer our services in the reconstruction and improvement of the cash position, implementation of the process associated with the cashflow forecast that will result in the effective management of the flow of money. How and in what ways we can manage Cashflow:
→    Trade and other balance due
→    Trade due and other such commitments
→    Management of inventory
→    Controlling the stock
→    Managing investment
→    Activities involving financing and other associated conditions
→    Opportunity assessment in order to have a healthy and improved Cashflow management

Here is the list of additional services we provide your company:
→    Establishment of the escalation process
→    Reviewing of the function of Working Capital Management
→    Setting up the important tasks and roles of the team
→    Analysis of payable cycles and receivable cycles and deciding the benchmarks
→    Creating the complete cashflow forecast and monitoring its mechanism
→    Identification of areas where cashflow cycles can be improved
→    Helping in setting up the functional capital lines with the banks
→    Negotiation of better collection and payment terms

Cost Management is simply related with regulating the costs in running business, which is extremely helpful in the enhancement of bottom line when done properly. It is important to decide what all are the areas where the costs need to be reduced and where the cost reduction can result in compromise to the performance, morale and quality. It is done by
→    Analysing the objectives of business and process
→    Defining the standard cost of each process or category
→    Establishing the reasonable budgeted costs, on the grounds of past experiences
→    Opportunity evaluation for saving the cost, improvement of efficiency and discarding the avoidable and extra costs
→    Comparing the budgeted and standard cost with the actual costs and performing their variance analysis
→    Periodic go-through of the entire structure of the cost

Maximization of Profits: For maximizing profits you need a CFO. Few techniques that we follow to increase the profits are:
→    Detailed Technical Trend analysis
→    Implementing Systems in place and Quality Controls
→    Best Procurement Strategy
→    Best Pricing Strategy
→    Unique/Efficient Structuring of Transactions
→    Best in industry Contract Negotiation skills
→    Better choice of the Business strategies in order to improve the productivity and efficiency

Our pricing model allows you to keep your costs in control.

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