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Budgeting and Forecasting

Budgeting and Forecasting in CFO is essential in the ways that you will know all about your company’s Cashflow and requirement of other resources, plan and prepare for any possible contingencies, fixing the targets and goals for the management personnel, deciding the growth strategy and identification of milestones.
For any company, to raise funds, this is one imperative function that cannot and should not be avoided. A robust budgeting system enables you to give your lenders and investors an accurate forecasts. Of course, you cannot accomplish this overnight as it can only be achieved with the help of sound and constant planning and with undertaking the important and serious variance and budgeting analysis within the organization only, periodically every month. We at Bronzeagle will assist you in the preparation of the forecast model, containing even the smallest details, that initiates with discussions with stakeholders and brainstorming sessions. This is followed by the evaluation of the available information and delivering this information in the comparable format so that decisions are taken for the purpose of forecasting. This calls for the meeting with the senior managers and their team for the discussion and debate for validation of all assumptions taken, after which the forecast model is built. After this forecast model is completely built, we will assist your company with the implementation of the budgeting system and help in the accounting system of the organization by generating variance report monthly for one or more cycles, until they don’t require anyone’s assistance in generation of reports. To reduce the burden of accounting staff, we will also deliver them templates consisting of simple data input sheets, in which they can enter their own actual financial records from the accounting software and prepare a detailed dashboard associated with the management.

We will take both of these services one by one:

Budgeting deals with creation of an estimate and composition of plans before the year begins or when the year starts, in order to control and manage the company’s expenditures and income of the for the whole year. This budget proves to be a great guide to finances of the company for recognition of income, while you detail the allowances of the expenses with all what is expected for that particular year. In other words, you can consider the budgeting as a financial planner.

Forecasting is a kind of company’s financial tool for finding out the financial status of your company. Now, as in budgeting the financial plans are prepared, in forecasting implement these plans and compares them with the present financial plans of the organization. This comparison is done to foresee what will be the status of the company during the year end. With this process you can find out whether your company is able to meet or even exceed the expectations from the planned budget. The budget that is planned, enables the controllers and the managers to decide the goals of future. These forecasts will also help in determining the trends that will be taken into account while grading the financial status of the company.

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