Terms of use

Mutual agreement between the client and Bronzeagle

Bronzeagle company website consists of web pages managed by Bronzeagle. Our company presents the site to all its users with the fact that you may use it without any modification that may dispute the notices, terms, and conditions. Our company offers its users the liberty to navigate through the site within the agreed limits.

Links allowed to third parties

Bronzeagle’s website may contain links to other sites; however, these are not limited to third party sites. The linked sites do not fall in the control or management of Bronzeagle services and the company is not liable for any leakage or content of the linked sites.

No illegal usage

Bronzeagle expects undertaking from the user that he will not use the content of the Bronzeagle website for any purpose that is illegal or invalid. By doing so, he will be liable to the law and the act will be considered prohibited by the terms, notices, and conditions. Users may not use the Bronzeagle website in any other manner, which may damage the image and reputation of the company. The users are not allowed to interfere in the company’s site except for giving feedback or suggestions for area of improvement.

Here are a few more considerations as per the agreement between the company and the user:

1.    Do not upload, download, post, email, or transfer any information or content that will prove to be harmful, violent, illegal, threatening or        abusive by any means. This also includes illegal use of content that is vulgar, obscene, indecent, and pornographic.

2.    Do not use any information which may harm the minors or children in any way.

3.    Do not manipulate the data or create duplicate data in the other linked sites, which may misrepresent the company objectives.

4.    Do not post, email, transfer, or transmit any data on the website servers that may disobey the company procedures, policies, and        regulations of work.

5.    Bronzeagle has the rights to disclose any information in the best interest of the company. These will be strictly in the norms of        communication purposes only.

6.    The users are also informed not to share any personal information with their children, as this may lead to leakage of data to other        communication sites.

7.    The images, content, videos, and theory on the Bronzeagle website are the company’s property. You are expected to stick to the norms        in terms of limited usage or download of materials.

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