Bronzeagle is a global leader in terms of knowledge process outsourcing. Ever since it began its wings to fly, the company feels honored to take different heights and serve its patrons. Our company is proudly recognized for its work culture, management philosophy, employee engagement programs, innovative and creative ideas, and various other norms.

Bronzeagleis an easily identified name when it comes to leadership and services. The company gets tothe root of every problem and knows how to cut the thorns with its innovative solutions. Our designs, services and solutions are accountable for all your business decisions.

Some of the major services that Bronzeagle is recognized and known for are;

1.Finance and Accounting

Finance and Accounting could bring the business entrepreneur to various challenges. Our company deals with these challenges daily and ensures that you are relieved to reach all thevarious milestones of your business.The company has enjoys international recognition for its crystal clear solutions in finance and accounting.


Bronzeagleis a perfect stop for all your financial concerns. We are global chief financial officers who take care of your daily financial activities. From close observation of the cash flow to managing major financial funds of the company, you may rely on Bronzeagle

3.Virtual Assistance

Bronzeagleis like a pen friend whom you don’t see every day, but would like to stay connected every moment. The daily appointments, assignments, tasks, and activities of the clients are well handled by our company. Some more essential tasks that we provide support in are;

1.    Confirmation of appointments through e-mails
2.    Fixing appointments
3.    Sending reminder mails
4.    Fixing meetings and conferences
5.    Arranging for the minutes of meetings
6.    Allocating the plan of action timely
7.    Rescheduling the meetings

4.Data Entry

This is one of the most irritating and time consuming task for any company. However, your company is recognized by the way you handle your data entry work as a messy data will not makea good impression to the partners. Allow us to help you with data entry, data analysis, and data updation.

5.Information Technology

It is a boon in any business sector as it has resolved even the most critical challenges by way of its software and solutions. IT is the infrastructure of the company. Help us to give you a global recognition with the help of latest tools and advanced versions of software.

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