Privacy Policy

Bronzeagle has created a set of privacy polices with the objective to let you know the principles and norms followed by our company. These policies are also in regard to the Government rules and regulations. Only Bronzeagle has the right to make changes and amend any of its existing policies and publish on its related websites that include its partner sites.

Our company has a strict control of privacy of our users. Any information collected, stored, and used will be strictly on grounds of company and customer interest. No data shall be passed to any third party sites for any misuse.

Bronzeagle keeps revising its privacy policy from time to time, so that you get a clear vision of how we collect, store, use, and share data with the updated changes (if any). The privacy policy is very important to us.


Bronzeagle may collect personal and non-personal information from your cookies, browser sites, or any other relevant links. This information will be highly confidential and shall be collected in form of name, last name, address, contact number, email, user name, password, and other information associated with your account. Your personal data will help us to identify you and contact you for any future updates or information related to our company and its services.

Technical Details:

Your IP number that is automatically assigned to your computer is visible whenever you logon to the web. Your IP address is recorded by our servers that may include your domain name. Your cookies are those text files created by various websites. These cookies are stored on your computer. Our company may use cookies to enhance your experience and give you customized services. Other than the cookies, our company may store the gifs, images, device ids, email id, geo location and other related traceable information that will help us to serve you better.

All the above information will be only in the best interest of the customer as well as Bronzeagle. Your data is highly secured as our company deals with stricter norms and advanced privacy tools.All the information collected and stored, maybe used for the below reasons;

- To contact you
- To offer you our services
- To process transactions when you purchase a product or service from our websites
- To contact you for our company information and updates
- To use your data for administrative and qualitative purposes
- For internal audits and checks
- To customize customer service experience for you

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