How We Work

Bronzeagle follows a sophisticated infrastructure and an up-to-date technological system that makes our work in a more balanced manner. Whether you’re a small retail store, new innovative start-up, family grown business, or a social/ Non-profit organization, Bronzeagle will arrange a quality team according to your business needs to lower down extra costs and help grow the business. We simplify processes in such a way that you don’t need to memorise new complicated systems. And ultimately, Bronzeagle synchronises to assist you in the upcoming phases of growing your business and taking it to the next level.

Step 1: Connect with us

Go through our range of services and inquire according to your business needs. Our business team will contact you within a business day to get things started.

Step 2: Customised Solution For You

Once our team has an understanding of what your current requirements are, we’ll provide you with our unique services to assist your company reach your desired and expected business goals.

Step 3: Agreements & Contracts

After you see how Bronzeagle can be helpful for your business, we’ll enter into agreements and sign contracts on how you want to use our services to enhance your business.

Step 4: Your New Team

A team will be assigned to your work in order for you to have answers to your questions and get the any request completed as per your requirement depending upon the service level agreement (SLA).

Step 5: Service Delivery

The team will sync your process and tools at our end to start with your project, delivering them to you in the requested/promised time-line.

Step 6: Review

Now the teams maintains a frequent communication stream with you so that you are aware of the progress of each assignment. Assignment reviews will be arranged throughout and will be shared after thorough quality analysis so that you can review the positive impact of our collaboration on the business.

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