1. What is the difference between a KPO and BPO?

BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) means getting the business outsourced by a third party to save financial costs. These are mainly related to front office and back office activities. A few major activities performed by KPOs are; business functions, billing, and purchasing.

KPO (Knowledge Process Outsourcing) may not necessarily bring profits to the company, but it certainly adds value and credibility in the market. These involve outsourcing of core functions. The tasks outsourced to KPOs are more specific, more detailed, and specialized. Some major activities performed by KPOs are; finance & accounting, consulting & research, data entry, information technology and a few more.

2. What is the level of data security and privacy committed by Bronzeagle to its clients in terms of their back     office process?

Bronzeagle has full-proof measures that assure overall data security to our clients. Our work structure is highly confidential and measurable on the grounds of data security. We have advanced firewall systems and privacy clauses to secure all the confidential information.

3. How does Bronzeagle help to add value to the clients` business?

Bronzeagle supports its clients to add value and create an image in the society. By consistently supporting the clients in their day to day financial, operational, and management activities, we strive hard to sustain your brand. Our well established clientele list is a proof of our efficient services.

4. What is the role of KPO in data entry sector?

Your KPO is your virtual assistance who is always there with you, despite not being present physically. Our highly skilled and experienced data entry team helps the company to analyze the data, manage the submissions, and create timely reports, so that the company can focus on the other core activities.

5. How is the response of Bronzeagle in the international market?

The services of Bronzeagle are not subject to boundaries. We are eager and always willing to extend our hands of support to the global market as well. We emerge as strong KPO sector in various nations. Bronzeagle has a brand image and the clients rely on us for their business. We strongly believe that our success depends on the success of your company.

6. Why should I outsource the business to Bronzeagle?

Globalization is one of the reasons why companies rely on KPOs. The outsourcing and offshoring has become a necessity than a trend. Some of the other reasons to outsource Bronzeagle are;

→    Cost savings
→    Enhanced technology
→    Prevention of seasonal fluctuation
→    Efficient services
→    Skilled staff
→    Specialized and customized services
→    Better infrastructure

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